INTRODUCTION: I've been watching professional wrestling off and on (mostly on) for roughly thirty years now. It all started when happening across a comedy skit of Outlaw Ron Bass trying to teach "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart to do lasso tricks led to a dark spiral of Hulk Hogan worship and spending the early 2000 on message boards having SERIOUS OPINIONS about the PRODUCT. Now, with some time to look back and examine my life, it's become apparent that wrestling is what's wrong with me. It's a Bad Thing that will rot your brain, and like most sinister institutions of self-destruction, it hooks you  when you're young, and it will fuck you up bad if you're not careful. So that leads us to this thing right here - another ongoing website project that I'll never finish and barely even really start - which will be an examination of the times when the rasslin' betrayed and traumatized me as a youngster. So without further ado, here is WHEN IT COMES CRASHIN' DOWN AND IT HURTS INSIDE.

1. Susie Spirit's Elbow Returns to Its Home Planet (GLOW, 1986)

2. Perfect Monsters (The Missing Link, Bad News Brown, and Mr. Perfect)