Random Thoughts at Work Today

Sentinel Beast - Depths of DeathLaaz Rockit - Know Your Enemy
Gammacide - Victims of Science

I’m not sure how the term got into my head, but I’ve decided that “force majeure” would have been a good name for an album by some third-tier thrash metal band in 1987.

nice costume, guy

I was thinking about the movie Avatar today, and thought of something that no one ever talks about, as opposed to how the special effects were insane or how it’s a 22nd century remake of Dances With Wolves. So like, the Na’vi were these blue-ass cat people running around in the forest, pretty much naked, like 24/7 or whatever the equivalent of hours and days are on that planet. And they’ve got fur all over them. Man, I bet those folks were just absolutely crawling with parasites of every kind. Us humans can’t spend ten minutes in tall grass without having to deal with red bugs or ticks or chiggers or whatever, and we don’t have all that fur that’s really hospitable to tiny crawly things, and they were out there all the damn time. Makes you wonder if there would be quite so much disturbing Avatar fans on the internet or “sexy” Halloween costumes in stores out there if people ever stopped to think that everyone in that movie was probably going to die relatively young from heart worms.

I couldn't find a picture of the ones like I have to wear

Want to make God laugh? Try to tie your shoes in a giant freezer while wearing two pairs of gloves.