Monthly Archives: August 2011

Still have pets, though.

I can post this now, because I finally waded through enough old emails and remembered a bunch of stupid things I had done, so I have a working password for both HostGator and WordPress again. So. Fully established in Sulphur, still not unpacked, still no internet or cable, (I should be able to actually afford cable now, whoa) but the new job is fully underway. I get paid Thursday, breaking about a month and a half of apocalyptic brokeness, so things will finally achieve some level of electronic normalcy soon. In the meantime, you can keep yourself busy with this thing I did for Armchair Linebacker a couple days ago. Got my fancy new website and still just write for someone else’s free one. Life is strange. It’s not the only one I’ve done via a combination of text files and USB drives in wired computers, but it’s the only one that was any good.
Anyway, until next time, stay outta jail.