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Here is the sound of tiny kittens eating. Jesus.

Spent the better part of the time when I was supposed to be Doing Things putting this together on Spotify. (And yeah, it only works if you have Spotify, so sign up for that and whatnot) Honestly, it’s a work that will perpetually be in progress, but even in the initial stages, should be enough to make you want to fistfight a bull elephant, kick the shit out of him, and then pick him up and SHAKE HIS HAND, because YOU ARE A GODDAMN SPORTSMAN.


Here is a brief clip of ridiculous 80s Satanic metal band Venom totally clowning on ridiculous 80s barbarian metal band Manowar. A dude from the olden days of the internets sent this to me as an mp3 he recorded directly from his cassette version of the full interview (oh man) years ago, so for all I know, this might be some sort of half-assed ~EXCLUSIVE CONTENT~ but I’m willing to guess that if I bothered to do a Google search, I’d find it in like thirty different places. (Oh man, what if someone has the full interview? Maybe I will Google it sometime around 2017.) Either way, it’s silly, and the world needs more of that.


Oh dang.

Tweaking things with a new theme. If something looks like there should be a video and there isn’t one, click on the title, and the full post should have it. Unless I’ve already fixed that or abandoned that layout. (EDIT: Totally did that, then categorized everything into “articles” for real posts and “blurbs” for crap like this, so that image slider thing at the top of the page will work right. Awesome.)

Actual website update coming someday, or maybe not. WHO KNOWS~!

I’ll get the third part of the Maiden England Road Report done in the next couple days. Until then, here’s this. Also, a new Armchair Linebacking will have been done sometime between now and Thursday. BE THERE~!

A full report on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in OKC coming sometime between now and Tuesday, in all likelihood. (Probably way sooner than that, though) For now, here’s a brief snippet of Slayer, with a special guest appearance from Jerry Seinfeld’s good friend Elaine.






Hello. Yes. This... Is dog.“This house has stood for over fifty years, they tell me. And certainly, the front yard has been here for much longer than that. And I know. I know deep down in my soul that at some point in the last fifty years, there has been another dog in this yard. And if I can only just sniff this one three square-inch section of it for another seventeen minutes… I will find him.”